EFFA (Feature Film)

YABBA BIRI Productions, Inc.

Screenplay written by Jeffrey Miiller & Byron Motley
Screenplay Optioned by Mainstream Pictures
Producer/Director – Penny Marshall (Parkway Productions)
Logline:  In July 2006, Effa Manley became the first women ever to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. This is her dramatic story.
Synopsis: Effa Manley is a white woman "passing" as black during segregation. Outspoken, dynamic and beautiful, she crashes through barriers in the male-dominated world of sports as the first woman to own and manage a professional sports team.  From 1935 to 1948, Effa cuts an entirely new image for women and African-Americans as a cunning businessperson, a players advocate, and civil rights leader, all the while keeping her true ethnicity secret. She turns the baseball world upside, leading to a climatic showdown with Branch Rickey, as she struggles to guide her ragtag Negro League players to a World Series championship and Hall-of-Fame legends.


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EFFA (Feature Film)

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