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"The Negro Baseball Leagues - An American Legacy" is based on the true stories about the people who made the league and those who played in it. Told with a contemporary thread, this documentary will give new perspective on a legendary story, with the help of names like Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Ken Griffey, Jr., Tiger Woods, Walter Cronkite, Maya Angelou, President Bill Clinton, amongst many others. This is a tale about individual triumph over segregation, about the joy of determined players to ride into to history with pride and finally it is the story that makes us all equals.
The complete story of the Negro Baseball Leagues has yet to be told. It's a story of pride, hope and courage. "The Negro Baseball Leagues - An American Legacy" tells the
whole story of the men and women who just wanted to "Play Ball". This is an all-American story told from the African-American experience.
Green lit by the PBS network (air date to be announced soon), this two-hour documentary will educate the public about the significant contributions the Negro League and its players made in the 20th century.

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Negro Leagues Documentary
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