Musical Show - Hitmakers, Heroes & Homeruns


Inspired by the upcoming PBS television documentary "The Negro Baseball Leagues – An American Legacy" being produced by Byron Motley, this exciting new musical performance HITMAKERS, HEROES & HOMERUNS is a unique presentation of music and baseball.
Performed by Byron Motley, this show demonstrates how stories of Negro League players intertwine with those of some of our greatest musicians. During this segregated period in American history they traveled the same roads, stayed in the same hotels, ate at the same restaurants, and were inspired by each other's professions. This performance illuminates the fact that for the African-American community, the Negro Leagues and the music of that period were important social, cultural and economical developments for all Americans.
The story is placed in historical context examining five decades of music and events, from the turn of the century performances of vaudevillian Bert Williams to the historic signing of Jackie Robinson into the major leagues in 1947 and the emergence of the artistry of Nat King Cole. The show also relates commonly known historical moments to provide the audience with a time frame of reference. The performance is presented in a multi-media format utilizing video clips, slides, and interview sound bites (from the forth-coming documentary), which add an emotional element that further connects the audience with this history.


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Hitmakers, Heroes & Homeruns

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